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Reports of studies on large numbers of patients and covering the topics related to this review were included. The efficacy of rimonabant in weight reduction and its effects on other metabolic parameters have been assessed in the four large ��timonabant in obesity�� (RIO) studies (10�C14), and in four other find more randomized double-blind rimonabant-placebo-controlled trials, namely the Serenade (15), Arpeggio (16), Adagio-lipids (17) and Stradivarius (18) studies. In all these studies, a significant body weight reduction was observed in the groups treated with 20?mg rimonabant daily compared with the groups taking placebo. A favourable effect of rimonabant on weight reduction was reported in the RIO-Europe study, which involved 1507 men and MS-275 women aged 18?years or older, with body-mass index (BMI) 30?kg/m2 or greater, or BMI >27?kg/m2 with treated or untreated hypertension or dyslipidaemia (10, 11). The mean weight change from baseline was ?8��6?��?7��3?kg (P?<?0��001) in the 20?mg rimonabant group, and ?4��8?��?6��2?kg (P?=?0��042) in the 5?mg rimonabant group, compared with ?3��6?��?7��4?kg in the placebo group, for patients who completed one-year follow up. This beneficial effect was maintained in the second year as in the intention to treat population (ITT), the placebo-subtracted body weight loss after 2?years was ?4��2?��?0��5?kg comparable with ?4��7?��?0��4?kg in the first year. Waist circumference (WC) decreased significantly in the 20?mg rimonabant group by 8��5?��?7��4?cm from baseline, compared with 1��5?��?7��3?cm in the placebo group (P?<?0��0001). Similarly, the placebo-subtracted WC for the 20?mg rimonabant group at the end of the second year of treatment of ?3��9?��?0��5?cm was similar to the observed ?4��2?��?0��5?cm in the first year. The two-year RIO-North America study, which included 3045 <a href="">Olaparib research buy men and women aged 18?years or older, with BMI 30?kg/m2 or greater, or BMI >27?kg/m2 with treated or untreated hypertension or dyslipidaemia and variation in body weight within the previous 3?months of <5?kg, also produced encouraging results on weight reduction (12). In the first year of treatment, the placebo-subtracted change from baseline in body weight was ?5��9?kg (SEM?=?0��4, P?<?0��001) in the 20?mg rimonabant group. The placebo-subtracted WC change from baseline was ?4��5?cm (SEM?=?0��4, P?<?0��001) in the 20?mg rimonabant group. Patients in the population group initially treated with 20?mg rimonabant, who continued the same treatment for a second year achieved a mean weight loss of ?7��4?kg (SEM?=?0��4) from baseline, whereas patients re-randomized to continue with placebo treatment regained most of the weight they had previously lost. The placebo-subtracted WC reduction continued in the same manner in the rimonabant patients by ?4��0?cm (SEM?=?0��6, P?<?0��001).</div>
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