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  • Comparison of the right ventricular systolic functions before and after PCI Right ventricular systolic functional analysis was performed again using RIMP, TAPSE, 2D RV FAC, and IVA parameters within 24 h after PCI. Selleckchem EX-527 Subsequently, these parameters were compared with the baseline parameters before PCI. Statistical analysis Statistical analysis was made using the computer software SPSS version 13.0 (SPSS Inc. Chicago, IL, USA). Analysis of numeric variables was performed via Student t-test, Mann�CWhitney U-test, while that of categorical variables was performed via chi-square test. Data were expressed as ��mean �� standard deviation (SD)�� and/or percentage (%). p value <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Results Physical examination KILLIP status of all patients upon admission was recorded. Eighty out of 95 patients had KILLIP class I status, 14 had KILLIP class II, and one had KILLIP class III. Systolic <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vatalanib">Vatalanib (PTK787) 2HCl blood pressures and heart rates of all patients were recorded on admission. The mean value of systolic blood pressure was 140.90 �� 24 mm Hg, and the mean heart rate value was 76.9 �� 14.7 beat/min (Table I). Table I Baseline clinical characteristics of study population Biochemical assessment The mean blood glucose level was 141.45 �� 65.57 mg/dL. Thirty-five patients had diabetes mellitus. The mean serum creatinine level was 0.85 �� 0.19 mg/dL, and mean troponin I level was 3.63 �� 7.33 mg/dL (Table I). Electrocardiographic evaluation There was no remarkable electrocardiographic change in 35 patients. ST-segment depression was present in 46, and T-wave inversion was recorded in 14 patients. Echocardiographic examination The mean ejection fraction (EF) of the left ventricle of the study population was calculated as 53.8 �� 10.1. In 37 patients, the left ventricular EF was between 30% and 50% and higher than 50% in remaining 58 patients (Table II). Table II Data from echocardiographic examinations of the study subjects Right ventricular systolic functions of the study population The mean RIMP value of all patients was 37.7 �� 17.2 (%), the mean value of TAPSE was calculated as 19.7 Docetaxel research buy �� 1.1 mm, the mean value of 2D RV FAC of the study population was 44.1 �� 7.6 (%), and the mean value of IVA was 2.7 �� 1.3 m/s2(Table III). The RIMP values of 31 patients were higher than 40%, 13 patients had TAPSE values under 16 mm, eight patients had 2D RV FAC values <35%, and 32 patients had IVA values under 2.2 m/s2. Table III Comparison of right ventricular systolic function parameters before and after PCI There was only a weak negative correlation between the ages and TAPSE values of the study population (p = 0.022, r = ?0.236) (Table IV) during the correlation analysis of clinical and laboratory traits with the right ventricular systolic functional parameters.</div>

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