Can You Conceal Carry In Connecticut
  • Why not your PI license?Licensing Agents here in New England seem to subscribe to the philosophy that a license is required to cross the line to do any part of an investigation.One New England licensing agent recently stated, to a licensed PI, that crossing the line and having a "conversation" with a witness was not an investigation, but if you "interviewed" the witness, you were "investigating." I would explain this further, but I don't quite grasp it.There are several scenarios possible: A mobile surveillance where the person connecticut concealed carry unexpectedly crosses the State line. She and her boyfriend came at him with a vengeance, filing complaints and lawsuits against him 1,500 miles away in Florida. Jim prevailed. He was not operating a business in Florida.The other case started in Mass. and ended up in New Jersey. A disability case worth millions and one day after a deposition the subject boarded a plane suddenly and Jim's investigator followed her to Florida. He testified in Massachusetts and in New Jersey.Both parties were upset and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions) because of these investigations. That is why they vindictively filed complaints with Florida authorities. Hell hath no fury...Incidentally, while they were "guests" in Florida, they checked in with all local Police Departments, with Massachusetts PI Id's and they could not have been treated nicer.According to Jim, (just like the TV show):"The biggest reason we prevailed was always our solid case that we were 'not running a detective business in Florida." Judges kept coming back to that point. We have no special police powers to do the tasks we do, the PI license is simply a business license.The Florida Judge pointed out that when he was an attorney he often went out of state to take depositions and he was not licensed as an attorney in the foreign state. The tasks we were completing in Florida, looking up public records, monitoring someone's activities, researching, taking photographs in a public area, do not in and of themselves require a special license. Many others do those same tasks and have no special licensing. The PI license is for "conducting the business of a Private Detective in Florida" which the judges said we were not doing."If these seems ridiculous to you consider this: Jim's firm was "doing business" in Massachusetts on a Massachusetts based case. He was visiting Florida to complete the assignment.CONCLUSIONAs I researched this article, I posted to many PI lists expecting to be inundated with replies. I got very few.This is an issue that does not affect all of us but could affect many of us. If the circumstance arrives on our own doorstep, I think it is important that we are aware of the issue, potential problems, and the way this is viewed by the Courts and licensing authorities.It is obvious that Courts view this differently than the majority of licensing agents. Apparently the licensing agents need to be educated and that is our task. Licensing is designed is to protect the public by keeping unqualified people out of the profession, not to prevent crossing state lines.Crossing a State line is apparently different than "doing business" in the foreign State. Each State has different standards to obtain the license. This could be a piece of the puzzle.

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