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This summer, an accidental

This summer, an accidental "work" in my father's shop not only made me have a new understanding of my father, but also made me understand the importance of responsibility.ather is a pharmacist and he opened a pharmacy himself. There are high cabinets and low cabinets in the pharmacy, and all kinds of medicines are placed neatly on the top, which makes people dazzled.ay, I did my homework in the store as usual. Dad came over and patted my shoulder. He said a little seriously: "Son Marlboro Menthol 100S, Dad is going upstairs to get some medicine down. You help Dad look at the pharmacy." I don't think so. I wanted to agree on it, then I put down my pen and stood like a dad in the back of the low cabinet. short while Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, a 60-year-old woman left the basket with her left hand and walked slowly with her cane on her right hand. When I saw someone who bought medicine, my heart jumped quickly and thought: Dad just came and came. If she said the medicine, I don��t know what to do? Do you want to call Dad? Or try your luck first. I nervously said: "Grandma, what medicine do you buy?" I didn't wait to finish, I felt a pearl-like sweat on my forehead. The old lady looked at me and said with awkwardness: "Liuwei Dihuang Wan." I panicked as soon as I heard it. I thought: This is bad. I have never heard of this drug name. I turned around and just wanted to find a medicine. I accidentally saw the label on the front: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. Haha - it��s really helping me! I looked at the price and carefully gave it to the old lady Newport Cigarettes, and said with a smile: "Five yuan." The old lady smiled and said: "I want three yuan." Oh, grandmother, hello, no reason, no matter which Come to Sanyuan? I think so, I dare not say anything, but turn and look for it. Hey, there is really a ternary bottle in the same row, I found it! I gave it to the old lady. The old lady touched the money and said, "Two bottles." I silently read: Really trouble! The old lady gave me a twenty yuan. I checked it with the money detector. It was true. I found the change for the old lady and learned the father��s sample and wrote down the account Marlboro Gold. Ha, I made a business! time, Dad took the medicine and hurried down. The old lady who had left the basket with the change and took the basket deliberately stopped and praised me: "The boss Cigarettes For Sale, your son has already sold medicine, and it is a small boss." "Dad took the old lady's medicine, checked it carefully, and patiently and the old lady gave up the name and price of the drug. Then I nodded to my approval and said, "Not bad! However, someone will buy it later, or call him." Wait a moment, if you get it wrong, you will be in trouble." "Yes, Sir!" I stretched out my tongue and bowed my heart. I thought: Look at my father's five big and three thick, so carefully. It is no wonder that some people come to our store to buy medicines. It turns out that Dad��s high sense of responsibility has given them 100% peace of mind!

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