LBDA to produce an international Collaborative Innovation Network
  • Eric Yu, secretary-general of Language Big Data Alliance (LBDA) and CEO of world Tone Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (GTCOM), spoke at LBDA’s 2017 annual conference in Guangzhou on April 8, looking back at LBDA’s progress in the past year after which into its future.

    An international organization with well-structured partnership

    LBDA made much headway in every field it reached inside the founding year of 2016.

    According to Eric Yu, LBDA has been moving fast on the goal of just as one international organization since its inception, striving to produce itself higher quality plus more influential in the world. Its membership has covered some globally renowned universities for example University of Vienna, University of Geneva, and Gazi University.

    Now LBDA has 138 members and also the number is expected to maintain growing.

    LBDA Europe is scheduled to be established later this season to promote resource-sharing, exchanges, and organization of international events among its member organizations worldwide.

    A worldwide platform for collaboration and resource-sharing
    LBDA has run more than 30 projects over the past year such fields as speech recognition, machine translation, and analysis of massive data, said Eric Yu. During these projects, universities and businesses worked together on translation assignments involving a total of 50 million characters.

    A particular project marked a milestone in the Chinese good reputation for translation: 750 translators from 58 universities - LBDA members - completed the translation of subtitles for 50,000-minute videos in only seven days. More projects take presctiption the way.


    LBDA also seeks to facilitate the exchanges between its members in addition to their counterparts far away.

    At FIT Congress 2017 to be locked in Brisbane, Australia in August this year, LBDA - a high partner of the congress - will invite representatives from the world’s top research institutes to speak about the way forward for the translation industry.

    In closing, Eric Yu unveiled the master plan for LBDA’s future development.

    The entire year of 2017 is going to be dedicated to the “sharing and exchange of resources worldwide”. LBDA will build an online platform for the members to share and exchange resources collectively.

    Moreover, the inaugural meeting of LBDA Europe will be located in Switzerland in September this season.

    Europe’s leading universities and research institutes in such areas as journalism, psychology, neurology, medicine, language, and business will be the founding individuals LBDA Europe, and joint labs on machine translation, speech recognition, big data and artificial intelligence (AI) will probably be established included in this. A number of key collaborative research findings may also be announced on the meeting.

    LBDA Europe will really help foster collaborative innovation among Chinese joint labs and also the leading universities and research institutes of other countries.

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