Leading Adjustment - Fatal Results When You Pressure Timelines
  • Twice annually we needed to do just what they called 'area strip' the rifle. This meant taking it apart as well as putting it back together, blindfolded in sixty secs. The factor for the test remained in instance the rifle obstructed during the night, you might repair it rapidly. In the case of the M-14, it was a little hefty but extremely trusted so jamming was uncommon at best.Enter our illustrious Protection Secretary, Mr. McNamara that was pressing all sort of new things to publicly reveal his strong support for the U.S. troops battling there. This is all well covered today, at the time it was much like what you hear in today's media pertaining to Iraq. Lengthy story short, the M-16 rifle was forced down the armed force's throat with a roll out image timeline that was almost instant.

    The justification was that it was much lighter (assume plastic), the ammo was lighter (and also smaller sized) and also it would certainly fire much quicker. If all that was true, which was a stretch, it would certainly have been okay with the exception of that it was hardly tested. Things was certainly in what they call today 'beta' and also not all set for prime time.The Marines my snipers and also I were with had M-14's till three or four hrs prior to the procedure we were taking place when Marine leadership, under the direction of those great leaders we had in Washington, came by to rollout the brand-new M-16. The Marines quit their relied on M-14 and were handed the brand-new plaything M-16 with a hrs training and wished well - we headed out at the sign of darkness as well as movinged towards the Street Without Joy.We came to near twelve o'clock at night and also the plan was to 'sit in' up until first light and also sweep the regional villages. We were ambushed and also dealt with all evening, at one point being overrun by the bad guys. It was an awful night. In the beginning light the North Vietnamese broke short the battle as well as we were left to take the carnage. As the choppers came in for the severely wounded first, the Lieutenant asked me to get my snipers as well as gather the dead for their trip out after the wounded. It was quite grim duty.We gathered up almost three dozen dead Marines as well as zipped them in body bags, and fifty percent of the dead had their M-16 rifles apart in their hands. They had actually jammed in the sand. This scene was experienced throughout Vietnam for the next couple years at the very least. Why? Because some tin soldier leader back in head offices made an aggressive decision to rollout an unproven and untested weapon that set you back the lives of many excellent young Militaries. Our leaders dutifully adhered to orders and also their troops died with tools that really did not function. We can be found in at the site of the train damage two and also a fifty percent years later when all they had carried out was the system in head office Straight From The Source financing.

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