Feel Safer in Your Bathroom by Installing Grab Bars to Your Shower Wall
  • The shower could be a very scary place when those soap suds start to accumulate on the ground of your shower. One way to feel safer in the bath is to use a grab bar to the wall. Here are the tools you'll need and guidelines to precisely put in a get bar in your tiled bathroom shower. I discovered cat scratch by browsing Yahoo.

    You need to gather the equipment needed to install it when a grab bar has been acquired by you. Listed below are the various tools you'll need:

    Philips-head screwdriver


    1/8 inch masonry bit or tile and glass bit

    Stud finder or perhaps a length of line

    Tape measure

    Silicone caulk

    Sharp awl or carbide glass and tile exercise touch

    Wood bit, 1/16 smaller than the measurement of mounting screws

    First thing that you will have to do to put in your grab bar is to choose a wall stud. When you have usage of a stud finder this will help greatly. Run the stud finder across the wall until a wall stud is located and mark the spot with an excellent point marker. In case people choose to be taught more about homemade cat scratcher, there are millions of on-line databases people should think about investigating. Should you choose not have a digital stud finder, number problems, just take a masonry bit or glass and tile bit and just punch a hole into the grout. Then take your period of wire and make a bend inside. Set the wire in the gap and by rotating it left and right you should hit a stud. The opening that you just drilled can be filled up with a slight bit of silicone caulk, if a stud was not located by you. Be sure to flatten the dab of silicone caulk so it does not protrude from the grout line, permit the caulk to dry for approximately three hours. Mix up somewhat and patch the hole, If you have powdered grout useful. Re-drill another hole until you find a stud. Measure 16 inches from that hole, when you do find a stud and you should be able to drill in to yet another stud.

    You will want to indicate your stud areas so that you can measure from the beds base of the tub to look for the keeping of your bar. Area your bar so that each end is finished a stud and draw the screw holes that come in the mounting bracket.

    To drill the mounting holes into tile you'll need certainly to produce a starting place for the drill bit or else the bit will stumble upon the tile. To make a starting place work with a sharp awl or afore stated drill bit. Making use of your hand, twist the device on your make to make a slight impression on the tile; this may keep your drill bit from slipping. Do not work with a impact or you're prone to break your tile. Use your hole to be drilled by the glass and tile bit. If employing a masonry bit, place tape within the tile and exercise gradually in order to avoid shattering the tile. You dont desire to break your tiles when screwing the mounting brackets on either therefore use a bit that's 1/32 larger compared to the size of the mounting screw you will be using. Start drilling the hole gradually and with even pressure whilst to not fall off your mark. Use light pressure when going to prevent cracking the tile.

    Make certain to not drill deeper compared to tile and it support. At this point, you will need certainly to modify your bit to the wood bit 1/16 smaller compared to the screw. This can produce a pilot hole in the men.

    The final step is always to attach the bar. Silicone caulk will need to be reproduced to the pockets before mounting; this really is to protect the wood and backing panels behind the tiles from leaking water. Simply attach the bar to the wall. You will wish to use stainless steel screw or they will rust. Tighten the screws firmly making certain not to over tighten them or the tile will be cracked by them.

    You need to now have your grab club properly fitted. You can now take a calm, relaxing shower and feel safer along the way..

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