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Pub Fire Risk Assessment Template

There are many ways to go about sharing your knowledge after retirement. You can set up a blog and start writing tips. People will come. You can use flyers, go to trade shows, join clubs etc.

When selecting your tree, check the needles are still firmly attached to the branches. Lightly tapping the trunk on the ground will cause dry needles to fall off and if this happens the tree is already dry, don't buy it. Buying a good quality fresh tree will ensure it will last longer and be a safer investment for you to image enjoy over the Christmas holidays. Our centrally heated houses can quickly dry out your tree and pose a potential Fire risk report in the centre of your home.

fire risk assessment Of course, many people think of decorative paper lanterns when you mention Chinese lanterns, rather than a form of lighting. Kids love to make paper lanterns, and when they use a variety of colorful and decorative paper, it can be a great way to cheer up a room.

fire risk report Do not remove too much cable sheath - We have all seen a plug with all three of the coloured wires hanging out the bottom. This is a huge no no for many reason including the fact that the cable is not secured.

Although a step ladder may have a top step it is never wise to use this as a point to work from as it provides no hand holds. If working from a ladder then you should never work at a height where you cannot hold on to the top of the ladder. The same applies to extension ladders placed against a wall. The last rung should be no lower than chest height. This reduces the risk of over balancing.

Make sure escape plans are posted near heavily used areas like stairways and exit doors. And in the event of an evacuation, remember that the air is clearest closest to the ground. Stay low and inhale as little smoke as possible. And make sure everyone knows to meet at a central location. That is the only way to ensure everyone got out safely, and is a critical piece of information to be able to tell the fire department. If the fire alarm is sounding, leave the building first, and then call the fire department. Once you are outside of the building, do not go back inside, even to rescue animals or other important items. Fire fighters may not grab your photos and computer in the event of a fire, but they will want to know of any animals or people still inside.

If you're going to have any open flame at your event, have a fire extinguisher - better yet, have several - close to hand, and make sure everyone in your game knows where they are!

Although one of the main attractions of Chinese lanterns is the way they spread their light over a whole area, sometimes you might want to direct the light a little more for effect. In that fire safety risk assessment certificate situation, you can use some flame retardant on one side of the lantern to stop light emanating on that side. Use Velcro is you only want a temporary reduction in light.
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