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3,[17] The assay sensitivity was 4?pg/mL. Endogenous ACTH before ACTH stimulation was determined by a chemiluminescence assay.2 Blood was collected into chilled EDTA-coated tubes placed on ice and centrifuged at 4��C. Cortisol and endogenous ACTH measurements were performed in house twice a week; plasma was stored either at ?20��C (cortisol) or at ?80��C (ACTH) until assayed. Samples for aldosterone determination were sent off to an external laboratory. In house, the blood sample was immediately centrifuged; the plasma was sent off to the external laboratory on the same day. In the external laboratory, aldosterone measurements were buy DAPT performed once or twice a week; plasma was stored at ?20��C until assayed. Statistical analysis was performed by commercial software by means of nonparametric tests.4,5 Data are expressed as median and range. Differences between groups were tested by the use of the Kruskal-Wallis H test and Dunn's post-test. Linear correlation was calculated by Spearman nonparametric correlation. In the extended ACTH stimulation test, differences between the time points were tested by use of Friedman's repeated measures test and Dunn's post-test. The level of significance was set at P?<?.05. For values below the detection limit, the mean between 0 and the detection limit was entered for statistical analysis. In the dogs with HA, age ranged from 1 to 11?years (median, 5?years) and body weight from 4.2 to 65.8?kg (median: 21.4?kg). There were 30 males (18 castrated) and 40 females (27 spayed). Fifty-six purebred dogs and 14 mixed-breed dogs were included. No breed seemed overrepresented. <a href="">Dabrafenib In the dogs with diseases mimicking HA, age selleck compound ranged from 1 to 13?years (median, 10?years) and body weight from 4.5 to 45.7?kg (median: 12.9?kg). There were 13 males (5 castrated) and 9 females (5 spayed). Eighteen purebred dogs and 4 mixed-breed dogs were included. The final diagnoses reached were acute gastroenteritis (8), chronic-intermittent gastroenteritis (4), protein-losing enteropathy (1), intestinal adenocarcinoma (1), gastric ulceration (1), colitis (1), idiopathic megaesophagus (1), liver mass (1), hypercalcemia of unknown origin (2), chronic renal failure (1), and dehydration of unknown origin (1). In the healthy dogs, age ranged from 1 to 14?years (median, 11?years) and body weight from 7.8 to 30?kg (median: 24.4?kg). There were 10 males (5 castrated) and 9 females (4 spayed). Fourteen purebred dogs and 5 mixed-breed dogs were included. Baseline cortisol concentrations in dogs with HA, with diseases mimicking HA, and healthy dogs ranged from <0.2 to 1.1?��g/dL (median, <0.2?��g/dL), from <0.2 to 6.8?��g/dL (median, 2.1?��g/dL), and from <0.2 to 3.5?��g/dL (median, 0.7?��g/dL), respectively. ACTH-stimulated cortisol concentrations in dogs with HA, with diseases mimicking HA, and healthy dogs ranged from <0.2 to 0.8?��g/dL (median, <0.2?��g/dL), from 6.4 to 37.0?��g/dL (median, 9.</div>
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