Nature Can Be Unforgiving - Sun and Solar Storms Challenge NextGen Satellite ATC
  • The Sun's rays are component of the world we dwell in, and that's just portion of nature. Even now, we know that the Sun's rays, as well much of them can result in sunburns, skin cancer, heat stroke, oxidized vehicle finishes, and other challenges to our everyday lives. Yes, individuals rays can also be converted into solar power to energy up our lights, television, computers, or recharge our iPhones - so it really is a very good trade off. We pay focus and use prudence. But what transpires when the Sun throws us a curve ball?How so you inquire? Well, what about solar flares, heat waves, and chaotic bursts throughout solar highest phases? Certain, these are issues. Now what takes place if this trustworthy Sun of ours, portion of nature as we know it triggers a solar flare so massive it will take out our communication satellites, and electronics - not very good right? Nicely, not lengthy in the past, our consider tank was discussing this issue with a fellow feel tanker type, Troy Laclaire.

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