the essence of incisive and profound
  • the new multi-layer solid wood and cork flooring new varieties, Based on the base market, forced the high point, and vigorously fill the product system blank. These brilliant foresight theory at the same time continue to win the delegates waves of applause and applause! Whirlpool 07 Blue Ocean strategy is an advanced strategy,
    is a more closely with the dealer to establish a cooperative system strategy is to realize Whirlpool to the internationalization of the golden brand forge ahead in the Whirlpool vision of the 2007 good wishes, Shao The overall work report so that all the Whirlpool confidence doubled, ambitious! Attention to brand marketing,
    to achieve a breakthrough to enhance the 2007 Whirlpool Blue Ocean Strategy Forum is the essence of the essence of incisive and profound, classic and practical, rich and colorful, with the previous show of the extraordinary spirit of the General Assembly. As the focus of the work of the brand spirit, but also a major highlight of this summit,
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