Affiliate Bootcamp Review
  • Affiliate Bootcamp is an additional awesome training product from internet entrepreneur and very best-selling author Russell Brunson.

    Russell is the owner of the funnel building software company ClickFunnels and he has produced this on-line training course to teach on-line marketers how they can retire as a ClickFunnels affiliate in 100 days, merely by promoting ClickFunnels itself.

    The objective of the Affiliate Bootcamp is merely to teach you how to give away one totally free ClickFunnels trial a day, which will in the end lead to one hundred paid ClickFunnels clients.

    This will then give you a residual earnings of $4,000 per month and allow you to potentially leave your job and retire as a ClickFunnels super affiliate.

    There are one hundred days of training that is delivered in an on-line membership site in video form, as well as worksheets, swipe files, bonuses, Facebook group support, and constructed out funnels to help you have success.

    The training is delivered by Russell Brunson, also displaying you behind the scenes training footage of his DotCom Secrets Ignite program, that individuals paid $997 to attend.

    Additional training comes from Kevin Tjia, who is the ClickFunnels Affiliate Manager, and he really puts his heart and soul into this project to assist you attain achievement.

    This is effortlessly a $1000 product, but Russell is providing this away for totally free, for what I think are 2 factors:

    I think he genuinely cares – Of all the online marketing “gurus” or experts that I have come across over the last several years, Russell is the guy that resonates with me the most. He has fantastic products and services, that he knows can alter people’s lives, but he also gives an enormous amount of information away for totally free.

    The much more successful ClickFunnels affiliate Russell can help you turn out to be, the more money he will make as nicely! – If you make money doing this, then Russell does as well!

    As nicely as advertising ClickFunnels itself, the training will teach you how to develop out backend funnels that market Russell’s many other quality products as nicely.

    You will learn how to produce and run Facebook Advertisements, that are profitable or at least break-even on the front finish, and then sell extra products from your backend funnels, so you can develop your affiliate marketing business faster, and scale it to any level you want.

    All the whilst, building up your ongoing residual income as you attain your goal of one hundred ClickFunnels users.

    As an added incentive, if you reach one hundred CF subscribers, Russell will spend $500 towards the lease of your dream car, AND double it to $1000 if you reach 200 customers!

    The bottom line is that all the training you require to build the foundation of a successful affiliate marketing business advertising ClickFunnels is included in the membership region.

    Just what could ClickFunnels affiliate camp provide for you? You ask We inform.

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