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  • Hello all I am Chantele (or Daisymay should you read my website) I am new here on Hubpages but expect to get to know a few of you very soon. Always running battles after the match up & down Scottie rd & in Stanley park(was there ever a more suitably named park!?) ,a couple shirts could acquire cut/bottled/bricked/kicked senseless but us lot held our very own & gave em both (Everton & Liverpool) a good run for their money-never took a step backward up there cos it would have been game over if you did-the ones that did got triggered,battered,slashed & robbed.image
    It was obvious that the though had not even crossed his mind although we would chat for an hour every day online and he'd tell me just how much he loved me and was drawn to me. So that's how it ended it had been on and off for a month or two after but we just utilized to row about the most absurd things.
    last day on earth coins hack Haha the spurs were marshaled by a gooner at the 1980 cup quarter final,I didn't understand that I should admit.I spent the whole of that game in the south bank laughing my bollocks off in how weak spurs were even using an apparent full company turnout,they had the entire south bank and we took the piss out of them.
    The way I saw it was tottenham had a go on the left hand side of the north bank and got as far as the start of the roof prior to the old bill steamed in and formed a line all the way down the north shore,then there were sporadic scuffles happening but nothing significant and tottenham remained there until the end of the match.image
    Take a little time to consider the words of the famous political Xaviera H. Amster 'The success of any political system can only truly be assessed once the fat lady has sung' 2 I argue that his insight into dayz standalone cracked provided the inspiration for all these great words.
    As an older gamer (40+), I have been tired and sick of being killed by teleporters and hackers 2-3 times a day easily, and also this DaiZy mod completely let's me take my time and enjoy the game without somebody teleporting me 1,000 feet into the atmosphere.

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