Party NY EDM With K3vin Envoy
  • K3vin Envoy's debut album, Skin Deep, did remarkably well . Love Has No Language, k3vin Envoy album, DJ k3vin envoy established Envoy's genius.  

    Abounding with the and often female, vocal samples Groovier is in a sense a message about second albums. It transcends any pressure when a musician can be sensed grinning throughout his tunes. Commenting on the album's breadth of emotions and range of sound, K3vin Envoy went on to say, "I wanted Love Has No Language to tell a story in the first track to the last, instead of just be a collection of dance floor tunes. I put plenty of time, energy, and emotion into this album, I am so glad it's finally out!" 

    And a story it tells. Judiciously titled "#Like" Opens the album, its traditional tone and instrumental nature setting the stage for what's to follow. Title track "Tell Me Maybe" showcases K3vin Envoy's love for
    ethereal, female vocalist. Other great constructed songs that follow along exactly the same theme is "Here For You ." In contrast, "Little Red Dress" puts his immensely spirited and multifarious progression on display -- a track that's certain to become a staple among dance parties at the following months. 

    That if mixed the right way would not be entirely out of place amidst a dark, warehouse set.  To round out the makeup and provide further texture are brief filler tracks, "Photobomb" and "Super Sweet," which hammer from the record's floating, airy theme. 
    In Love Has No Language , K3vin Envoy lifts the austerity
    That hovers opting to instead inject his story strategy to Music in its vacant space. Blending base lines Clubs with melodies airy for personal pleasure, it's easy to see that he Certainly closely produced, although eclectic, the Album ingeniously captures Envoy on and off the decks.

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