Custom Lanyards: The Well-liked Option
  • Custom lanyards have become extremely well-liked with corporate institutions, schools and colleges to show identity cards, badges or tickets. Highly helpful for identification purposes, custom lanyards are increasingly finding usage in public locations like hospitals, schools, and public gatherings, such as conventions and meetings. Usually made of polyester, nylon or silk, lanyards are customized to depict the name of the organization or the event to which they relate. Various types of customization methods are used to manufacture custom lanyards that are not only appealing but appropriately priced as well.

    Custom Lanyards: Their Origin and Styles
    A number of customization methods like off screen printing, heat transfer and loom printing can be used to manufacture and design custom lanyards for varied utilizes. While a corporate user might wish to have the company's name and logo on the lanyard, a school might wish to get their motto printed on it. Similarly a lanyard for a convention or a trade fair may be designed in such a way as to represent the spirit of that particular occasion.

    Initially used in the military to connect a pistol or a sword or a whistle to a uniform, lanyards have over the years turn out to be a decorative item. A lanyard is essentially a rope or a cord that is worn around the neck or the wrist for carrying which you want to avoid losing or maintain in front of you usually. Lanyards are also extensively used in retail and other stores to show the name badges of the sales and other employees, who interact regularly with clients.

    Lanyards can be made of numerous types of material but the simplest ones are made of braided fabric and a clip is attached to one of the ends to hold the name or identification badge. In some situations, lanyards can also be used as important chains for stores, gyms and pubic pools, etc. Custom lanyards are used to maintain uniformity amongst the employees or members of a specific organization.

    Custom Lanyards: Their Utilizes
    Representing the symbol or logo of an organization, custom lanyards are extensively used for attaching the identification and name badges of the employees or participants of a specific plan. Some other uses of custom lanyards are:
    * They are widely used with small electronic devices like cameras, USB flash drives and MP3 players to prevent their loss. Some lanyards also double up as headphone cords.
    * They are also used in public locations like hospitals, prisons and schools for identifying visitors.
    * Lanyards are also useful in the case of massive gatherings and assist in easy identification of the group members or a specific group or team of individuals.
    * They can also be attached to kill switches on dangerous machines like large industrial cutting machines or jet skis or exercise treadmills.

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