Don't Drink the Water! Are the Best Tequila Companies Watering Down Anejo Tequila?

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    There are some locations inside Mexico which turn out Mezcal, nevertheless there is certainly one tequila delivering district in Mexico.

    Varieties of Tequila: Platinum Tequila, Anejo Tequila, and Others. Unidentified to many, there are 2 forms of tequila available in the market today - mixtos and 100% agave. Mixtos use nearly as much as forty nine imagepercent of similar sugars inside the fermentation procedure, regularly either glucose and fructose sugars, and agave takes up all of the other portion. 100 percent agave tequila, as the label suggests, makes use of 100 percent of the cactus-like blue agave plant in the fermentation procedure.

    Tequila may be bottled in a range of different ways. Blanco or plata is un-aged and bottled or preserved immediately after the distillation operation. In certain cases, it may be aged for under 60 days in oak barrels. Oro is un-aged blanco tequila that has been combined with rested or aged tequila, while anejo tequila is a sort of tequila aged in exotic wood oak barrels for one to 3 years. Extra anejo tequila, on the contrary, is aged for a minimum of a few years in oak barrels. Anejo tequila, in fact, indicates “vintage” tequila. The darker, complex flavours of anejo tequila comes from the whiskey and bourbon barrels they sometimes are manufactured in. The very last method is resposado tequila, that could be aging for at least 60 days then again under a year in wood made oak barrels.

    Most certainly one of the best selling resposado tequilas is Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Tradicional. This is a mass market, one hudred percent blue agave resposado tequila. Tequila tradicional is commonlyoffered chilled, or in margaritas. It offers substantial heat, char flavours and brings forth a bit of the flavors within the agave plant coupled with some of the exotic wood flavor through the oak barrel it had been stored in.

    As being the first production of the Cuervo household, Tequila Tradicional continues to be among the finest selling one hudred percent agave resposado tequilas in Mexico. A number of tequila fans utilize Cuervo’s Tequila Tradicional in a few of their cocktail recipes, delivering a particular tastes within their cocktail.

    From the biggest selling to the greatest tasting, the modern world has become flush with handcrafted tequila from little hand crafted producers. One favored boutique tequila is Voodoo Tiki Tequila Reposado tequila. This reposado tequila is much more complex and features not much heat. The flavor found encompass butterscotch, vanilla in conjunction with a hint of sugary whiskey. Part of the cause the boutique brandnames are most well-liked is they concentrate on challenging to achieve flavor. Char and real wood are quite obvious flavors to develop. Chocolates, brandy, vanilla, citrus, caramels and butterscotch are quite high-priced styles to create, so may be ordinarily disregarded by the large brands instead of the easier lower priced subtleties to go after and acquire.

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