• Trends come and go, they also do so much more than that. They come about to define the sort of creatures that humans evolved have to be. Mapping out the subtle change that carries on and escalates with every passing generation. It cant just be strange chance that allows a certain product or style to gain immense popularity for a few months, months in which they are cherished to extremes which seem positively absurd in retrospect. The mind forces us to obsess over certain things and if there are others that obsess over it as well, a cult is on the rise.

    All that I say just to talk about the fidget spinner craze of the first half of 2017. This isnt me going on ranting about kids these days like a cranky old. It just had me mildly surprised when a little toy took over the internet with no warning at all. Out of nowhere, there were memes and videos all over my news feed and there was just no escape. Everyone was talking about it, some, excited about that new spinner toy and other visibly disgusted at the onset of a mass fascination of what they expressed as a dumb old toy... Read more@


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