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    A mature Ajwa date palm tree can produce up to 150 pounds of fruit annually. Ajwa dates are mostly Ajwa Dates For Sale consumed locally inside Saudi Arabia. The demand locally is quite higher due to the attached religious and health significance. Consumption is noted to be highest throughout the period of Ramadhan, with about 40% of the dates getting consumed at this time. They are also consumed by guests to Saudi Arabia who come to execute the Hajj, which is the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

    Ajwa Date is also a great alternative to sports drinks and power drinks that you uncover individuals consuming at the fitness center. Gym enthusiasts can indulge in a standard ajwa date milkshake which will supply them much more strength and muscle repair than any protein shake or sports drink discovered in the industry. Not to neglect, they are free of charge from any preservatives and chemicals and will do no harm to the body in the long run, anything that these sports drink do to the body.

    They are also considered to be helpful in fertility. Anecdotal evidence mentions the consumption of dates as becoming in a position to help in conception and in the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy. An crucial study was carried out to demonstrate the function of dates in the labour approach. The study demonstrated that in ladies who consumed a particular quantity of dates for the duration of their pregnancy, they were in a position to attain a higher imply cervical dilatation, reduced need to have for induction and labour rise as compared to the females who did not consume dates.

    The date palm, mentioned a lot more than any other fruit-bearing plant in the Qur'an, is a symbol often related with Islam and Muslims. All through the month of Ramadan, dates are a typical ingredient in the Muslim diet program. Ajwa is a soft dry selection of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated at the city of Madinah. It is a delightfully soft and fruity date with fine texture.

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