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  • Everybody has issues with something new, don't we? Lets look at what WordPress is. WordPress is a potent personal publishing platform. It has attributes designed to make your publishing as pleasant as possible. There are many options you can add to your site like pages, posts, and categories. You can upload photos and files and covert character smileys into graphical image counterparts. Do you require WordPress support about categories? Nicely, lets talk about this.

    Categories can group associated posts together and to let readers see what the post is about. It also can make it simpler for readers to find your content. A fantastic asset is that you can have multiple categories per post. Categories can be displayed in the sidebar or on the top or bottom of the post, based on the theme. If you add tags and categories to your post you increase the odds that other WordPress customers might see your content material on the international tag listings.

    The distinction between categories and tags.
    Imagine a book. When you open one up you come across the table of contents. In this instance the contents will be your categories. In the back of the book you might have the index, which in WordPress are the tags. These tags are a hyperlink to associated information.

    Now lets say you want to add a category.
    This is what you want to do. Click on categories and click add. A box will open that will have

    Category name: the name of the category.

    Category parent: What this is, you have an opportunity to add a category within a category. Lets say the category is grills, and you want to add another category like Brinkman grills. Add Brinkman grills below the parent category grills. If you do not have a parent choose none.

    When your carried out, click add category within the box.

    In your dashboard the categories will be displayed. Move your mouse over the that area and you will notice that Edit, Quick Edit, Delete will pop up. If you click on Fast Edit a box will open and you can edit the name of the category. Click on Edit and you can alter the name, parent, and description.

    Do you want to have tags? Nicely you can convert categories into tags by utilizing the converter. At the bottom of the handle categories screen is a link to the category to tag converter.

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    Building sites is a fun way to advertise what you have or something you want to say. There are a lot of other options you can have on your site. Just keep in mind the difference between categories and tags. Categories are the contents and the tags are the index. Categories can stand on their personal or have a parent category. I hope I answered some of your concerns below WordPress support/categories.

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