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  • If your gas alarm goes off turn off the gas at the cut off switch, turn off all the burners on the stove, warn everyone and evacuate the boat or at least get up on deck. Open all hatches, deadlights and scuttles. Do not touch any electrical switches. Pump the bilges manually to evacuate any gas.48. Electronics can fail so make a note in the log of time, log reading and course steered when setting out. If something goes wrong with the GPS, you can at least work up an EP if visibility closes in.49. If you get lost at night, stop, and gain time to sort out the problem. Motor into wind or tide so there is the least amount of speed over the ground. This gives the navigator a better chance of gathering his thoughts.50. When crew are working on the boom, it is essential that the main sheet is never eased off. By passing the fall of the sheet between the lower block and the line you can indicate that the sheet must not be touched51. I think the only way of getting someone unconscious out of the water is for a member of crew to put on a dry suit and help the unfortunate on board. A marine engineer advised that starter motors should be taken off engines annually and the lubrication checked to ensure that the bendix worked properly.53. The purpose of an EP image is to tell you where you are going to be in the future. You will then be able to tell if you are going to be set into danger.54. Remove dry powder fire extinguishers from the bracket occasionally and shake it until you can feel the powder shifting inside.55. 40 per cent of boats checked by the RNLI have lifejackets which will fail, many due to gas cylinders being loose.56. Bear in mind that if you are using French charts over the other side of the Channel, most of them are based on the datum ED50. Your UK charts are based on WGS84. So change the datum point on your GPS.57. Mark your fuel and oil filters with the date and engine hours when you change them, using an indelible pen.58. Draw up your pilotage plan and write it down using indelible fibre pen on the inside of a used fruit juice carton which has been well washed, you then have a permanent record which is waterproof.59. An easy way to find out the rise of tide at any given moment is to take a quick fix and note the echo sounding reading. Compare the sounding at the fix with the depth shown on the chart and you have a good idea what the rise of tide is at the time of the fix.60. The anchor windlass is for laying or weighing anchor and not as a strong point for digging in.61. To avoid starting the engine with the inlet seacock closed I turn off the engine inlet seacock and hang the ignition key on a small lanyard over the seacock handle.62. Apparently we are all made with our hand size in similar Top 100 Rap Songs Of All-Time proportions to our height of eye and length of arm.

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