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    If you want to acquire criminal and arrest records in California, you can request access from the Department of Justice or from the California Attorney General. Requesting for your personal criminal or arrest Sonoma County Arrest Records record is allowed if you wish to image review such for accuracy and completeness. However, access to such records is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and accredited applicant agencies only. Therefore, third party requests are not authorized and will never be processed.

    In procuring for your personal criminal history record, you should submit to the Department of Justice an image of your fingerprints and pay the processing fee of $25. All California applicants must submit live scan fingerprints. Additionally, a live scan form must be filled out and submitted together with the fingerprint images. In such form, you have to check ?record review? as the ?type of application?, enter ?record review? on the ?reason for application? line. You also have to input all your personal information. Once the live scan form is completed, submit it immediately to any live scan site for fingerprinting services.

    In California, doing a background check can be quite difficult as the state has imposed various rules with regard to procuring arrest or criminal records of any individual in the state. Unfortunately, only private citizens are allowed to request information about their own criminal history records, while outstanding warrant information is often made available to the public. A warrant does not mean that an individual is guilty of committing a crime; it means that they are being accused of committing one. Only those with valid reason, such as employment, can request access for such records through courts.

    Since January 2012, a new law in the State of California has changed the requirements in doing background checks that employers must follow and provide for them to do background checks on their consumers (applicants or employees). In California, background checks are called ?investigative consumer reports? unlike other states where it is termed as ?consumer reports?.

    If you are an employer who wishes to conduct a background check on your consumer, you have to provide a written disclosure, on a separate California Police Report document, to your applicant or employee whose background you are trying to scrutinize. You have to state in the disclosure that a report may be obtained; the acceptable reason of the background check; the fact that the report may yield information about the consumer such as his or her name, address, reputation, mode of living, personal characteristics; and reporting agency?s telephone number in case the consumer wants to review or verify the information provided by such investigative consumer agency.

    Since the State of California has imposed many rules especially in conducting background checks or in obtaining investigative consumer reports, hiring the services of online record provider is something you can try to obtain the record you need easily. Online service providers also have their own database which may contain the records you?re looking for. Service providers range from free to fee based. However, if it is the quality you?re after, then you?re better off with the one that charges a minimal fee but may provide the arrest records you need in an easier and faster way without going through all the hassle of the typical method of procuring arrest or criminal records in California.

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