How Bathtub Refinishing Can Turn Your Baths Into Something Wonderful
  • For a more cost efficient solution, you can consider resurfacing your tub yourself instead of purchasing a new one. By resurfacing it, you will have the ability to conserve hundreds of dollars for a tub.

    Resurfacing a bath tub is quite easy to do. With persistence and a couple of preparations, you will have the ability to make your old bath tub looking like brand-new. So, here are the basic preparations and step-by-step procedure that you need to remember when you are going to resurface a restroom tub.

    The chemicals involved in bathroom tub resurfacing can be damaging to you. It is crucial that you must work in a well-ventilated are as the fumes that some of these chemicals release are poisonous and can be hazardous if inhaled. The chemicals and the fumes it gives off can also be hazardous to the eyes and skin.

    Okay, so now you are fully safeguarded from go to toe. Sure, you might look absurd, but you're safe! Lets begin the next step.

    Offer your tub an excellent cleansing by getting rid of loose caulking along with the gaskets. Normally, the tub refinishing kit that you acquired will have numerous chemicals that you will need to effectively resurface your restroom tub.

    The first 2 chemicals will act as a cleansing solution that can efficiently get rid of any oils and soaps from the surface of the restroom tub. After rinsing, you need to get the restroom tub to completely dry to prepare it for the second cleansing solution.

    The next chemical is still a cleansing service that will have the ability to eliminate any oil and soap residue. After scrubbing the bath and using tub, you will once again wash it thoroughly with water and dry it with an old towel or paper towels.

    After this, you will now use the next service, which is that guide reducer. This specific solution will prepare the tub for using the primer. To use the guide reducer, you will have to carefully use it using paper towels. You will see that there will be damages to the restroom tub and will be rather obvious after using the primer reducer. You have to fix the tub surface area along with the drain location. To do this, you can apply some putty. It is essential to let the putty dry for about 30 to 45 minutes. The repaired locations will typically have rough areas. To repair this, you should utilize fine sandpaper. After repairing and smoothing out the bath tubsurface, the next action is to apply the guide reducer again.

    The next step is by using paper and tape to the locations that you don't require to resurface or refinish. This will secure these areas from getting damaged by the chemicals that you need to use for resurfacing.

    Now you are ready to use the base coat. Following the manufacturer's directions to mix the primers components precisely as directed, use a spray weapon to apply an even surface.

    After Thirty Minutes has actually passed, you're all set for the top coat! You ought to likewise utilize a spray weapon to correctly apply this layer with even strokes to offer it an excellent finishing look.

    Just what's your opinion on bathtub refinishing cost?

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