the floor renovation
  • is not a fixed time limit for this question, and some floor if there is peacetime there are well-maintained, and no major problems, even after ten years without renovation, and some floors if There is no conservation good, useless to appear a few years dropped paint, cracking and other issues, then need to be renovated as soon as possible,

    otherwise the damage will be more serious. 2, the floor renovation of the two practices First, the workers come home to operate, and the other is removed, sent to the factory to refurbish, and then get back to install, in general, the direct installation requires 8 to 10 Day, and sent to the factory refurbishment will take about 10 to 15 days,

    the other is more common in the first approach, but in the process of dust, noise pollution is more serious, the second renovation effect is good, but will be more troublesome, but wages more high. 3, the damaged floor is not recommended for renovation of the more serious damage, and a wide range of decay and distortion of the

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