Floor salt to egg stains clean method
  • It does not matter if the candle is new or old, and it is usually consciously collected. First cut with a knife to remove the wick, and weighed weight, and then add the same amount of turpentine in the wax, into the pot with cold water, boil water, so that the candle fully dissolved, stir, pour into the tank Cooling standby. There is also to be more effort in wiping the floor, floor wax can be heated before use for a while.

    The 450 grams of soft soap, bleaching earth, soda into the cauldron and add 2270 ml of water for thorough mixing, the mixture was boiled and boiled until the original volume of half, and then cooled into the tank spare. Brush with a hard brush from the stain on the floor with a lotion brush, brush the floor brush best in the floor along the floor, and then wash it again with hot water and wait until it is dry.

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