installation is completed, the ground debris
  • temperature is not greater than 80%, the construction environment temperature should not be less than 10 ��. Six, the construction process of grass-roots treatment - self-leveling construction - pre-shop - pvc installation - seam welding - clean up the scene. (A) grass-roots treatment 1, wall, ceiling and doors and windows and other installation is completed, the ground debris clean and clean. 2, remove the

    grass-roots surface from the sand, oil, remnants and so on. 3, clean up the ground dust, sand. 4, the ground completely clean and clean, even after rolling the interface agent. (B) self-leveling construction 1, check whether the self-leveling cement in line with the relevant technical standards, such as expired self-leveling shall not be used. 2, the amount of self-leveling into the device, according to product

    description with clean water will be self-leveling dilution. 3, fully stirred until the cement flow into the flow of objects. 4, the order will be self-leveling down on the construction of the ground, with a rake blade scraper, thickness of about 2-3mm. 5, self-leveling construction within 4 hours after the pedestrian and stacking items. (3) pay line 1, according to the design pattern, plastic floor specifications, the size of the

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