organic Baroque floor
  • consumers have a brand association, the Baroque architectural style and organic Baroque floor Linked together. Brand positioning is not static. The early three squirrels were defined as 'Internet nut brands' to differentiate themselves from offline nut brands; the current position was 'to build a unique kingdom of squirrels.' So in addition to

    seen itself, but also introduced cartoons, games, peripheral products, and even squirrel town. In the squirrel kingdom, every consumer becomes a member of the kingdom, and every worker is a servant. The essence of positioning is to find the unique brand, resulting in differentiation, into the user's mind in a field. In the take-away area, the

    American group's slogan is to send what is fast, that hungry it can only avoid the 'fast' to 'hungry' as the core, launched the slogan: hungry do not find a mother, looking hungry yet. When users think of fast delivery, will find a beautiful group, when the user feels hungry, will open the hungry? Occupied by the user's different minds. As the

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