scribe, the floor left behind the dirty traces
  • through PVC floor 1, poor stain resistance, must be regularly waxing maintenance. 2, with a certain amount of stone powder, the surface without PVC wear layer. 3, afraid of cigarette butts. 4, hard texture, feet feel better than the composite PVC flooring soft. 5, compared to the colorful PVC flooring colorful printing layer, the color is more simple, not enough diversity. 6, fire as complex PVC floor. Multi-layer

    composite PVC flooring 1, do not have repairability, which is better than the heart product. 2, the same fear cigarette burns. 3, afraid of heavy roller rolling, prone to depression situation. PVC plastic floor construction process First, the technical preparation 1, carefully familiar with the audit floor construction drawings. 2, clear construction content, analysis of engineering features. 3, for the requirements of the

    engineering ground, the technical staff to hand over the work. Second, the tools to prepare 1, the main tools: electric air gun, v-shaped pulse mouth knife, jagged scraper, drum, knife, oil brush, cut knife, scissors, wood hammer, rubber hammer, plastic barrels and so on. Third, the preparation of labor due to pvc floor installation works more professional, so the use of fixed professional team construction and

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