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Explaining Shelf Corporations

Starting your own business can be confusing and costly. That’s why increasing numbers of entrepreneurs are purchasing shelf corporations with the help of support companies like
What Is a Shelf Corporation?
A shelf corporation, sometimes called an aged corporation, is a corporation that was formed at some point in the past but never became an active business enterprise, so it is considered “shelved”. People who are looking to set up a corporation without the rigmarole of development one up from scratch often turn to this option.
Why Purchase a Shelf Corporation?
When a shelf corporation is purchased through a company like, there are several financial advantages that come with it.
·Shelved corporations that are at least two years old, like the ones purchased through, meet the “time in business” requirement of most creditors. The “new” shelved corporation acquired through Wholesale Shelf Corporations looks to creditors as if it has been in existence for a sustained period of time, so creditors are more likely to providing funding. Your corporation does have to be a legitimate functioning corporation to be eligible for financing, but you are free from the burden of having to wait 2 years, the minimum time required before a creditor will consider lending money.
·If your personal credit is poor and can’t secure financing for your business, you will be able to get funding through your new shared corporation once you establish a reputable corporate profile.
·Once your shelf corporation is formed, you are immediately eligible to bid on government contracts. Whether at the local, image state or federal level, government contracts are a vital source of funding for many business enterprises.
·Being incorporated provides immediate credibility to your company. Customers often want to purchases goods and services from an established company because they feel as though know what they’re getting. Even though your company may be new operationally, as a shelf corporation your company appears to have a long history.
·Foreign businesses can easily expand into the United States by setting up a shelf corporation. The typical bureaucratic red tape and high costs associated with doing business in a foreign company can mostly be avoided by purchasing a shelf company that was formed in the U.S.
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