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Results demonstrated that urease activity was highest during summer. The enhancement of urease activity during summer was also recorded by Joachin et al. [38]. Sahrawat [39] reported that urease activity increases with increasing temperature from 10?��C to a maximum at 60?��C for vertisol and 70?��C for alfisol. But further increase in temperature causes a decrement in urease activity which is nearly Dinaciclib manufacturer inhibited at 100?��C. As the temperature changes on seasonal variation, seasonality in enzyme activity is therefore justified. Seasonal changes in the microbes producing these enzymes may also give rise to this seasonality [40]. From the Fig. 2, it has been observed that fluoride level in control area always below 0.5?mg/kg soil in all studied seasons. However, in contaminated area fluoride concentration ranges from 0.44?mg/kg to 2.2?mg/kg; 0.8 to 3.3?mg/kg and 0.30 to 1.6?mg/kg during rainy, winter and summer season respectively (Fig. 2). Among the four studied enzymes (amylase, cellulase, invertase and urease) only urease showed fluctuation with fluoride level. The results clearly revealed the sensitivity of different enzymes towards fluoride and to be season-dependent. Many authors reported such inhibition of enzyme activity by the action of fluoride [41]?and?[42]. UNC2881 From the pearson correlation study it has been found that the coefficient values of urease with fluoride are very low (0.06-0.17) in all studied seasons (Table 3, Table 4?and?Table 5). However, amylase showed little higher but non-significant (p?<?0.05) correlation coefficient value in all the seasons. Therefore, it can be suggested that urease is more sensitive towards fluoride than other enzymes. In rainy season urease enzyme showed non - significant positive correlation with pH, OC, AN and AP. But EC showed positive (p?<?0.05) relationship with urease (Table 3). Similar non significant positive relationship was also recorded for invertase, <a href="">see more cellulase and amylase with AN and AP. However, invertase showed significant (p?<?0.01) positive relationship with OM. Similar significant positive relationship between OM and invertase was also reported by Shi et al. [43]. In summer season invertase, cellulase and amylase showed positive non significant (p?<?0.05) relationship with OC and OM but urease showed significant negative relationship (p?<?0.05) with EC ( Table 6). However, in winter season none of the enzyme showed significant relationship with pH, EC, OC, OM, AN and AP. But all the four studied enzymes showed negative non significant relationship with pH ( Table 4). During rainy season urease showed positive relationship with pH and AN due to the probable hydrolysis of urea fertilizer applied to the soil by urease enzyme into NH3 and CO2 increasing the soil pH and nitrogen [44]?and?[45]. But, soil pH showed negative impact on urease enzyme during winter and summer.</div>
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