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The absorbance learn more was directly proportional to the MPO captured by the primary antibody and therefore to the concentration of MPO in the sample. Each sample was assayed twice and the mean value calculated. A specific ELISA for equine neutrophil elastase was recently developed by De la Rebi��re de Pouyade et?al. (2009) and commercialised by BiopTis7. Briefly, the microplate wells9 were coated (overnight, at 4��C) with 150??l of the rabbit anti-NE IgG solution (primary antibody). After the primary antibody coating, the plates were washed 4 times with 300??l of the first washing buffer (154?mmol/l NaCl solution with 0.1% Tween 20). Two hundred microlitres of the blocking buffer (coating buffer with 5?g/l BSA) were then added and the plates incubated for 150?min at room temperature (20��C). After 4 washes with the first washing buffer, 100??l of equine EPZ-6438 solubility dmso NE standards and extracts from biopsies diluted 5 times were added to the wells and incubated overnight at 4��C. Control (blank) and dilutions of the samples were made with the dilution buffer (blocking buffer added with 0.1% Tween 20). After 4 washes with 300??l of the second washing buffer (150?mmol/l NaCl, 50?mmol/l Tris�CHCl, 0.1% Tween 20, pH 7.5), the plates were incubated (2?h, 37��C) with 100??l (3?mg/ml) of the secondary antibody conjugated to AP and diluted with the second washing buffer. After washing (second washing buffer), phosphatase activity was detected by incubation (30?min, 37��C, in the dark) with the substrate paranitrophenyl phosphate. The reaction was stopped with 2.5?M NaOH and the absorbance read at 405?nm with the Multiscan Ascent plate reader8. A standard curve was generated to allow determination of ELT concentrations in plasma and muscle extract samples. T tests on paired data were used to compare the T0 and T1 values (P<0.05). Correlation between MPO and ELT plasma concentrations were calculated between muscle MPO concentration and serum CK levels and between muscle ELT concentration and serum CK levels (P<0.01). All tests were performed with MedCalc statistical software10. The 7 horses finished the 120?km race at a mean speed of 15.4 �� 1.4?km/h with an adequate recovery period: heart rate <60 beats/min <a href="">GDC 941 in less than 20?min without lameness or other complications e.g. dehydration or intestinal ileus. While the race characteristics were slightly different, it was not possible to observe an effect of the climatic conditions. The 120?km endurance race produced a significant increase (P<0.05) of the total number of neutrophils and of the serum CK, and plasma MPO and ELT levels. Mean values (�� s.e.) and the results of the statistical analysis are displayed in the Table?1. A significant correlation was observed between the plasma MPO and ELT concentrations (r2= 0.92; P<0.01) while no significant correlations were observed between the plasma and the muscle concentrations for the both enzymes (MPO, ELT).</div>
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