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WeatherBug App provides quick access to Local Weather, Radar, Maps, and Alerts

We can’t control the weather, but we can certainly download the apps to know about the changes in weather going around us. All thanks to the technology which offers everything at our fingertips.

We sometimes get so sucked up into our phones that we tend to lose our connection with the real world. What if we walk straight into a storm while texting or playing games? But we are fortunate to have many useful weather apps to keep us safe and dry when it rains suddenly. One of the best among all the weather apps is WeatherBug App.

This weather app is the industry’s most far-reaching weather study network and exclusively rigorous weather detection app. WeatherBug facilitates users around the world to make up-to-date decisions that can protect lives. WeatherBug has access to the world’s major network of immediate weather report and lightning sensors, providing the accurate weather forecasts and quickest alerts. We can now know in advance about severe weather strikes through Doppler radar from WeatherBug which detects the forecast related to precipitation in or around your neighbourhood.

Let’s know more about the features of WeatherBug App:

The longest running weather app:

Among several free weather apps, WeatherBug is the best. It is regulated by the professional weather stations; updating about hyper-local weather conditions and forecasts in real-time, weather maps, Doppler radar, lightning & precipitation alerts, temperature, wind conditions, etc.

This weather app is accurate:

People have nothing bad to say about the accuracy of the weather forecasts provided by WeatherBug App. They are happy with the latest update of a customisation feature that helps to give them a classified data. Now, the users can directly know the crucial weather report based on the climate of the particular region.

Real-time weather with multiple languages:

WeatherBug App can be conveniently used on multiple devices by syncing the saved locations and settings through built-in Location Manager. Weather forecasts in 18 different maps and comprehensive weather data along with radar and hourly updates can also be viewed easily in this app. WeatherBug App supports multiple languages and includes different condition readings for temperature and wind units.

Spark Lightning Alerts:

The favourite feature for the weather trackers is the Spark Lightning Alerts. It gives lightning alerts and the latest lightning strike in the last 30 minutes. It helps people to be prepared for any dangerous storms in the area, as the thunderstorm alerts are 50% faster.

Lifestyles Forecasts:

WeatherBug App keeps you updated about your lifestyle activities like sports, games, golf, lawn care, allergies, pollen, outdoors & more through custom weather forecasts.

It is now easy for locals as well as travellers to download WeatherBug App through iTunes download or iTunes download on your smart phones and desktop. You can add the easy navigating and accessible weather widget right on your home screen. Together with all of your weather conditions, check real-time traffic conditions, local pollen, UV levels, and much more.

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