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Specialized Storage

Specialized Storage Solutions has been dedicated to providing warehouse solutions to customers for more than 25 years. We help customers create space, maximize efficiency and increase profitability. We’ve built our business using the core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Service, and it’s our goal to impact every person we interact with in a positive manner.

Specialized Storage Solutions will ask the right questions to help you design any storage area or work center to maximize worker productivity and square footage. We’ll take an inventory of your parts, survey the area, and come up with the most efficient solution to meet your needs and budgetary requirements.

Mezzanines can help you double the capacity of any available space overnight without incurring the cost of new construction. The mezzanine platform, which supported the mezzanine office, reduces the need to lease additional space by enabling you to utilize the overhead space within your facility. In addition, the ground level space below the mezzanine platform serves as another storage space, reducing clutter, promoting safety, and increasing efficiency. We design, fabricate and install mezzanine systems, which can be used for storage, order picking, conveyor support, office space, lunch or break rooms, tool cribs, and locker rooms.

There are generally three types of mezzanines or multi-level systems available to help make the best use of the space in your facility—catwalk, shelving supported, or structural steel (see below for images of each of these types of mezzanines). The type of mezzanine or multi-tier selected depends on your budget, picking operation, type of product to be stored, building clear heights, and local building codes. The best way to determine the right product for the application is to have an experienced professional ask the right questions pertaining to these issues, have them interpret the data, and turn that into an efficient storage system.

Our proven system design process involves obtaining input from all departments affected by the system and process flow including order processing, operations, production, and shipping and receiving. It takes into consideration the size of your products, the velocity of its movement through the plant, the area you have to work with, and the method of retrieval of those items. We have a very good working knowledge of the systems available and, from extensive analysis, will recommend the right product for the application.

Specialized Storage Solutions relies on our broad application expertise to develop a materials handling and storage system design and process flow whether you’re a small company that wants to grow bigger or a Fortune 100 company that wants to maximize its vast resources. We will ask the right questions to design a system that maximizes your space, operational efficiency, and labor output, taking into consideration budgetary requirements, return on your investment (ROI) and sensible cost justification. Our goal is to reduce your costs, maximize your storage space solutions, and learn what system you need to provide an excellent experience to your customers. By learning your individual needs, we can provide the right product for your operation. Let us analyze your current environment and design an efficient and sensible materials handling and storage system to deliver increased efficiencies and improved profitability today.

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