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She and her graduate students study reproductive processes and species interactions at various scales in a broad variety of taxa (cnidarians, echinoderms, molluscs) from coastal and deep-sea environments. Mary A. Sewell is a reproductive and larval ecologist, with a primary focus on echinoderms. She conducts her research PI3K signaling pathway in both temperate and polar environments on questions related to life-history theory, maternal investment, species identification and larval physiology. Jean-Fran?ois Hamel studies the diversity of life-history strategies in boreal and tropical marine invertebrates world-wide, with a focus on echinoderms and cnidarians, and an interest in their management and conservation. He specializes in the interplay between environmental factors and the ecology of early life stages. Figure S1 Relationship between egg size and pelagic propagule duration. Figure S2 Relationship between temperature and pelagic propagule buy Alectinib duration. Table S1 Complete data set, including selection criteria, notes and sources. Table S2 Geographic regions and corresponding climate zones used in the study. Table S3 Data set used for ANCOVAs and per class analyses. Table S4 ANCOVA results. Table S5 Data set used for range size analysis with pelagic propagule duration?��?30 days. Table S6 Data set used for range size analysis with pelagic propagule duration?<?30 days. ""Spatial patterns in biodiversity along environmental gradients are a central theme in ecology. However, the ways in which local assembly processes control changes in species turnover (��-diversity) along broader gradients have been less well documented. In this study, we aimed to elucidate factors and processes governing the altitudinal gradients in the ��-diversity of woody plants and ground-dwelling oribatid mites. Shiretoko National Park in Hokkaido, Japan. The diversity of plants and oribatids was investigated in seven plots (each containing 10 subplots) at different altitudes, and the ��-diversity of the two organism groups was calculated for each altitude. The dependence <a href="">CB839 of ��-diversity on the size of the species pool (��-diversity) is an issue of long-standing importance. We therefore used null modelling, which randomly shuffles individuals among subplots while preserving the ��-diversity, the relative abundance of each species per plot and the number of individuals per subplot. This approach enabled us to estimate how much the observed ��-diversity deviates from the expected ��-diversity under stochastic assembly processes. Environmental data were collected to evaluate the possible effects of habitat condition/heterogeneity on community processes. In plants, deterministic processes dominated in the low-productivity, high-altitude stands because of the finer-scale niche partitioning seen among small individuals within less-stratified stands.
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