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Corporate Credit: A Solution to Personal Financial Problems

Like many people, perhaps you are mired in personal debt. One way to get out of that financial black hole is by generating income through your own business. Unfortunately, you often need financing to start image a company. So you’re stuck in a kind of catch-22-you need money to make money. Well, in the review below, a tantalizing option is assessed: purchasing a shelf corporation.
Purchasing Shelf (Aged) Corporations Through
A shelf, or aged corporation , is a corporation that formed in the past but has been dormant, or “shelved,” since its founding. When you purchase a shelf corporation through, you will get a shelf company that is at least two years old. The helpful representatives at Wholesale Shelf Corporations review the purchase carefully and provide all the necessary documentation and support that you need to create a solid corporate profile. This will allow you to obtain funding, especially when you use the Funding Program.
Wholesale Shelf Corporations Funding Program
If you have a poor credit history, you will need to bolster your credit report in order to apply for a loan, even when you’re applying for the loan through your shelved corporation. The representatives at Wholesale Shelf Corporations will work closely with you to repair your credit. This is done mainly in two ways.
1.Repairing your personal credit. An important step to repairing your credit is to add Seasoned Tradelines to your credit report. The folks at will walk you through the process.
2.Establishing your commercial credit history. While you’re repairing your personal credit, you can enroll in’s Funding Program for a flat-fee of $795. The coaches in this program will work closely with you to boost your shelf corporation’s Paydex Score to 80, which is considered the minimum commercial credit report score to begin receiving credit.
When these two factors are combined-an improved personal credit score and also a solid commercial credit score, you can start applying for loans. Wholesale Shelf Corporations estimates that you may eventually be able to generate as much as $250,000 in loans.
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