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Fashion Trends In Summer 2011


Before you start producing a lot of crafted product, it's a good idea to think about who you're going to be selling it to. Web site Knowing your Niche Market and target audience can really help you along the way.

There are specific Jewelry Making Classes in San Diego designed to make a specific piece of jewelry such as the class for making the Rainbow Dreams swarovski earring Bracelet. This is a fun one-day class that is 3 hours long. Students will learn how to use the Right Angle weave stitch, how to make the proper bead selection and thread selection, in addition to pico accents and more. The cost to attend the class is $20.00 and the supply fee is $42.00.

In North County San Diego, the Regional Occupational Program offers Jewelry Making Classes in two parts seasonally at a designated location. The first class is in Beads, Crystals and Jewelry Making and is the Level I Class. In this particular Jewelry Making Class beginning students will learn the basics of jewelry making techniques, which include the following; knotting, basic wirework and stringing. All students will make 3 pieces of jewelry for the duration of the class, which runs approximately 5 hours. The cost per student for the Jewelry Making Class in San Diego is $25.00 plus an additional $24.00 for supplies.

It is important for every couple to set a budget and stick to it. Because there is a vast range of bridal jewelry on the market-high-end to costume-brides should set a budget before they begin shopping. Brides who go shopping blindly, without having an idea of what they can afford and what they are willing to spend, may run the risk of falling in love with jewelry that they otherwise cannot afford. Keep in mind, that where you shop depends on your budget. A bride cannot expect to purchase diamonds on a swarovski rings bridal jewelry budget.

I also love my large swarovski necklace with a focal pendant I made up of many different crystal beads. I topped it with a pretty Bali bead where it connects to the simple chain. The contrast of the BLING with the simple nature of the design makes it a piece I can wear formally or with jeans.

Seed Bead Bracelet - Seed beads are the tiniest of beads that most people find difficult to work with. They are made in thousands of choices in colors and shapes. Everywhere you look, you can find seed beads in round styles or triangles, even hexagon-shaped beads. If texture is what you're looking for in a black bead bracelet, you may find a seed bracelet is perfect for you. Seed beads come in many styles such as a flat cuff, rope or woven into more visual combinations. With the endless colors obtainable it's also possible to replicate your most wanted photo made completely of beads.

This project takes about 30 minutes to make and the only tools required are a pair of Round Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers and Side Cutters. Use Silver Chain to create a different effect! Enjoy wearing this stylish design.
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