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Stimulation with HGF increased CEC proliferation and tube formation but did not increase permeability, the increased proliferation was additive with VEGF. Conclusion This study provides insight into the interactions or cross-talk in CEC signalling and indicates that a more efficient approach to regulate intraocular angiogenesis would aim to simultaneously block the actions of multiple growth factors, or the common downstream site in the angiogenesis pathway and this may provide a more sustained treatment response in order to enhance treatment protocols in nAMD. Commercial interest ""Purpose Spectral domain OCT allows measuring peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer and macular ganglionar cells and inner plexiform layers (GCA). Previous studies established alterations of these layers in ON.The aim of this study was to evaluate eyes without ON- and to compare GCA and RNFL lesions. Methods We studied 48 eyes from 24 patients with authentified MS.On 48 eyes,8 eyes had clinically proven optic neuritis in previous years. Patients with ON in the last 6 months, or with elevated intra ocular pressure,high myopia,or macular pathology were excluded.All had clinical exam and OCT measurement (Zeiss Cirrus). Results The 8 eyes with history of ON showed clear thinning of both GCA and LOXO-101 nmr RNFL (p<<0,05 with both).With the 40 other eyes,11 showed abnormalities with OCT,29 had normal OCT.In those 11 eyes,both OCT measurements ( RNFL and GCA) showed a thickness loss, but higher with GCA with a better statistical correlation ( p= 0,037 versus p=0,062).Futhermore, more dials were involved in GCA versus RNFL in the thinning topography for 7 eyes out this 11 eyes group.We ran a screening for IRM abnormalities for all 24 patients, categorizing them in three groups (high, medium and low lesion load) without any clear association to the OCT alterations. Conclusion This study confirmed acquired ganglion cells alterations,remaining after ON,in patients who had a complete visual function recovery.It showed GCA or RNFL abnormalities in one quarter of patient without ON history.GCA seems to have greater sensitivity than RNFL ,but further studies on biggest population are necessary to precise specificity an sensitivity of these two measures. ""Purpose Morphometric analysis of posterior pole structures of the eye in children with congenital glaucoma (CG) Methods 34 children aged 3 months-11 yrs with <a href="">Rigosertib various forms and stages of CG were examined with HRT-3 and Spectralis HRA+OCT . Results We established the early appearance of deep and bulk excavation and reduction of neuroretinal rim area and volume at the beginning of glaucoma manifestation, mean total RNFL thickness reducing, reflecting the degree of the optic nerve structures atrophy. Correlations between changes of the optic disc parameters, glaucoma stages and the eye size were revealed. In all glaucoma eyes we noted thinning of peripapillary RNFL.
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