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Why Is Finding a Way to Remove Credit Inquiries So Vital?

Being able to remove credit inquiries from your credit report before you apply for a
of credit is something that some people don’t even believe is possible. However, it is a completely legal technique which often renders more significant loan approvals. Grasp the power to quickly remove hard inquiries before they wreak havoc on the underwriting process and start a damaging snowball effect that leaves you incapable of being financed.
What Does It Mean to Remove Hard Inquiries?
In the credit world, there are two types of inquiries: hard and soft. While soft inquiries do little to nothing to your credit report, hard inquiries are a different story. Because of this, most people wish to find a way to remove credit inquiries from their reports quickly.
To remove hard inquiries means to delete them from your credit report as though they never existed. According to the FTC, certain hard inquiries qualify to be removed through the use of properly executed disputes. That is where comes in.
Why Is It Important to Quickly Remove Credit Inquiries?
When trying to become approved for a loan application, the presence of too many hard inquiries can often spell disaster. Consumers image who have 6 or more inquiries on their report over the course of just 6 months are seen as credit desperate - a quality that is unbecoming to most lenders. Regardless of whether that is true or not, being able to quickly remove credit inquiries before all this is what truly helps.
How Does Remove Hard Inquiries So Fast?
At, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the credit industry in such a way that allows us to work quickly and efficiently. Our combined experience and diligent disputing techniques give us the ability to remove credit inquiries within just 3 to 6 weeks in most cases. However, we are more than happy to continue disputing with creditors, credit bureaus, and FICO until our pre-ordained plan is executed to your satisfaction.
For more information on how you can start to remove credit inquiries from your report before you attempt to swim with the sharks of the funding world, visit our website to speak to an agent. Customer service representatives are on constant standby to address all your questions, comments, and concerns every step of the way.
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