Locating a Job nationwide
  • This section of our emigrating to Australia guide talks about finding a job in Australia...

    Like with other English speaking countries, Australia is focused on equal job opportunities for all those, and also your qualifications and expertise (and a smaller extent flexibility) determines career, not your nationality.

    According to your qualifications and experience, job prospects could be better a single part of Australia than elsewhere. For example, for those who have a history in manufacturing companies, you will have more potential for getting a suitable job in Melbourne, also to an inferior extent in Adelaide. If you have ever worked in finance companies, Sydney is the major centre of employment, while those that have experience in resources will want to look at Perth. You might want to live outside the major cities though, where there's less competition for jobs.


    Bring along any qualifications, certificates and references maybe you have whenever you emigrate. However, just don't forget that the fact that they was recognized officially with the government as part of the migration process does not imply that Australian prospective employer will even do so. Local qualifications are usually preferred over others and the most migrants to Australia would significantly enhance their career by permitting an Australian qualification after migrating.

    Similarly, the event you've gained from working outside Australia will never be viewed just like almost like you'd spent this time working within Australia. There isnt anything underhand about this, it is just that employers choose to employ those who assisted companies that they've been aware of as opposed to obscure ones from another country. This is not to say that your particular past expertise is irrelevant, it is really not, it's just that you are with a disadvantage when looking for jobs that individuals with in-country experience can also be trying to get. Therefore, you need to be happy to should accept lesser jobs (with regards to skills required and pay) unless you increase some local experience.

    More information about Jobs in Australia visit this useful webpage.

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