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Coca cola products and services

Coca-cola HBC is one of the largest bottlers of the coca cola beverages in the world, and the biggest primarily based in Europe. Coca-Cola Hellenic has a long and proud background and is privileged to be stewards of some of the world’s very best-recognized and loved brand names, including Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light (diet Coke), Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta and Sprite. They also make fruit juices, mineral waters, sporting activities and power drinks and prepared-to-drink teas. With operations in 28 nations and 3 continents, their goods deliver refreshment and happiness to 585 million consumers.

“We generate, sell and distribute Coca-Cola, the ideal-known and largest-selling soft drink in history.
We make, sell and distribute Coca-Cola, the world’s most recognised beverages brand and its top non-alcoholic prepared-to-drink beverage brand in terms of sales quantity. Coca-Cola has been ranked the 3rd most useful world-wide brand name on Interbrand’s yearly Best Global Brands ranking for four consecutive years.”

The other brands accredited to the Team by The Coca-Cola Company - including Fanta and Sprite - are also amid the leading brand names in their market groups. They also possess their own brands - including Amita, Avra, Deep River Rock and Fruice - and market items certified from 3rd parties, sort of like Nestea, a prepared-to-drink tea. Lastly, they distribute 3rd-party} goods, such as Monster vitality beverages, beer and high quality spirits, in some markets.

Quality spirits are an crucial part of Coca-Cola Hellenic merchandise portfolio. Their high quality spirit business assists them speed up the progress of their single-serve non-alcoholic all set-to-consume brands as they are capable to bolster their consumer relationships and far better address essential grownup usage situations via combine activation.

In overall, Coca-cola Hellenic sells or distributes a lot more than one hundred beverages brand names in diverse variants to totally meet up with consumers' needs.
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