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Coca-cola HBC Engaging people

“Our people play a vital role in our success - they create value by increasing our business responsibly and sustainably.”

At Coca-cola Hellenic they want to offer a place of work in which men and women are impressed to be the greatest they can be. They know that engaged, inspired staff, doing work to their total capacity and capable to realise their private career ambitions, are a essential portion of their company’s long-term success.

At the same time, they perform challenging to make certain that each and every individual who operates for Coca-Cola HBC understands their position in the business and how their individual energy helps make a immediate contribution to our accomplishments. They have demonstrable strengths in attracting, creating, retaining and participating proficient individuals who will increase our enterprise today and in the long term. And they’re always looking to improve.

For more information on this subject you can directly visit the coca cola employees section on the Coca-cola Hellenic website.

While their organization has many strengths, which includes their assorted merchandise portfolio and geographic footprint, it is their talented people who drive value development. They collaborate with their buyers, hook up with communities and deliver smiles to the faces of the people who enjoy their beverages.
They are always looking for methods to boost how well they engage with their people in a sustainable way. Substantial engagement leads to enhanced outcomes across all their organization metrics.

They also work to preserve strengthening their organizational capabilities, kind of customer management, as this improves their capability to execute their technique. This signifies not only embedding effective procedures, structures, individuals expertise and measurement programs but to consider emerging traits in their market - and over and above - that will help us develop new aggressive organizational abilities.

Their leaders and leadership lifestyle give course, align their people’s endeavours with their important techniques and construct a motivation to execute. Building a sustainable pipeline of leaders and key talent for their crucial organizational abilities is a cornerstone of their Play to Win strategy.
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