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Woodstock Guitar Gods Produce Psychedelic Sanctuary


In August, 1969, the Woodstock Music as well as Art Fair was held at Max Yasgur's ranch in White Lake, NY. The event was billed as "An Aquarian Exposition - 3 Days of Tranquility as well as Songs."

The initial day of the celebration was committed to people. Richie Havens opened up with a plea for "Flexibility," showcasing his propulsive acoustic strumming. Ravi Shankar induced the into a reflective, hypnotic trance like state with a screen of Sitar mastery.

Day 2 was inhabited with rock super stars from the psychedelic era. Santana's offering, "Soul Sacrifice," was underpinned by Mike Shrieve's tribal drum solo. Hill drove a "Southbound Train," performed by Leslie West, a fat male with a fat guitar tone.

Creedence Clearwater Resurgence supplied "Born upon the Bayou," the overload rock traditional developed by John Fogerty, an attractive player that composed unforgettable riffs as well as crafted downplayed, melodious leads. Pete Townshend and The Who began with a leisure of the Rock Opera "Tommy," as well as ended with damage during the anthem "My Generation."

The third day was delayed as a result of thunderstorms. Returning to the program with a flash of British lightning, Alvin Lee of 10 years After stated "I'm Going Residence," by helicopter. Johnny Wintertime spun J.B. Lenoir's "Mom, Talk With Your Child" right into a Texas tornado.

Crosby, Stills & Nash harmonized on the ode to Judy Collins, "Collection: Judy Blue Eyes," as Stephen Stills paintinged an Oriental backdrop in a modal tuning. Paul Butterfield captained a ship lost at sea on "Drifting Blues," with initial companion Michael Bloomfield contributing a blistering six string solo.

Closing the event with his advanced instrumental variation of "The Celebrity Spangled Banner," Jimi Hendrix transformed the national anthem from a celebration of war right into a celebration of peace.

Woodstock was the exclamation point that punctuated the end of the sixties. Versus the backdrop of the battle surging in Vietnam, the world's greatest guitarist supplied haven to half a million hippies looking for sanctuary from the tornado.
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