Handmade Silver Jewelry
  • Specialising in designer brands such as Tianguis Jackson, the line features bracelets, earrings, necklaces, bangles and other specialty pieces. For some teenagers avoid using gold because it will make them look 'older' thus they choose silver jewelry! Some items may be too small to hallmark but will still be made of Sterling Silver. She also use everyday objects such as jigsaw puzzle pieces, buttons, umbrellas being frequent motifs, creating sculptural eye-catching designs that reflect the simplicity and fluid beauty of Sterling Silver. In The Silverpot you can find silver icons of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, as well as icons of many others saints (St. The inspiration for the jewellery comes through a search for the beauty of a subject that in its form expresses a perfection. The beautiful pieces are handmade jewelry crafted from high quality sterling silver and designed for a lifetime. Browse the beautiful collection of handmade jewelry, silver rings and bracelets at PASAR, and shop your timeless jewelry essential.

    Buyers' Guide - Please be aware when buying jewellery described as Silver it may not always be the precious metal but just a description of the colour of the item so you may be paying for a very cheap base metal with a light plating which will wear off within a few months.

    Silver Wire Designs Handmade Jewellery was WINNER of the International Fashion Designers - Rising Star Competition Handcrafted Jewelry Category and has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. There is also a choice of different precious metals; white gold, yellow gold, red gold, platinum, palladium and silver. The silver rings and silver bracelets will become the beloved item you won´t leave the house without. Once the jewellery is assembled, everything gets polished by hand as we love perfect finishes. The jewellery store boasts a large range of accessories - earrings, rings, bracelets, and unique items of turquoise, opal and amethyst in many different styles. Or even thousands of pieces in their designs to create lines for wholesale clients. Lizzie has been designing and making jewellery for approximately 12 years, working predominately in silver and she is now moving into gold. These materials allow me to make handmade sterling silver jewelry and much more.

    If we are happy with these first silver castings, we turn them into masters, meaning we add jumprings or whatever is necessary, polish them and solder a sprue on (the sprue is a rod which, during the casting process, becomes a tunnel for the molten metal to flow into).

    While I enjoy making all types of handmade jewelry near the Adirondacks , my specialty is chain making. Bespoke orders or bigger gallery orders for our handmade jewellery collections usually take about four weeks. Amongst our most popular handmade jewellery products are our range of wedding rings. When the wax model is finished, a silicon mold is made of it. Isle Of Raasay The silicone mold is used in the casting process, where the jewellery is made in solid silver. The business was built on excellent customer service and continues to provide quality handcrafted jewellery made exactly to the customer's specifications. I take great pride in my workmanship and in my products, including my silver rings and silver pendants I truly hope you enjoy my site. There is a lot to be said about custom made, artisan or hand made silver jewelry.

    This handcrafted jewellery from your children's drawings make fantastic gifts for a special occasion. As a registered Fairtrade Goldsmith, Mary uses Fairtrade gold wherever possible and is keen to be part of ethical changes within the jewellery industry. Over the years the business expanded to encompass handmade silver jewellery, and they became experts in the field. Today stylish and exquisite silver ornamentals remain a symbol of elegance and well-being. Browse our exclusive collections of handmade silver jewellery from around the world. Silver jewelry can give you young and fresh look and also elegancy at the same time.

    Buyers' Guide - Please be aware when buying jewellery described as Silver it may not always be the precious metal but just a description of the colour of the item so you may be payin

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